About Us

Retire There was co-founded by Valerie Conners and Ayaz Nanji, two journalists and travel writers with over 25-years of combined experience in their fields. They created the site after discovering a need for honest, well-researched advice about the best places to retire and how to relocate for retirement.

As a company we’re committed to always providing our audience with credible, high-quality information that will be useful for people preparing to retire and those who have already taken the plunge. We do that by remaining focused on our core values. What exactly are those values? We’re glad you asked…

Our Core Values

  • We understand that moving for retirement is an important, life-changing decision. Too often, other sources of retirement information recommend destinations or communities because they’re being paid to do so. We never do that. We never profile a place or pick it for one of Retire There’s lists because a destination or community has given us money. If something on our website is an advertisement we promise to do our best to clearly show that.

  • There are many wonderful things about many wonderful destinations, but no place is perfect. When profiling places to retire we strive to show the good with the bad. You’ll see this both in our destination write-ups as well as in the pros and cons box featured with each town. Our audience deserves honest opinions about Retire There’s featured places, not false claims that each one is paradise.

  • Moving for retirement is a long, complicated process. Often retirees and near-retirees will spend years, or even decades, planning before actually moving. Beyond just picking a place, there’s so much more that goes into the decision—including finances, health, and family.That’s why we do our best to supplement our destination guides with information and resources about things like budgeting, mortgages, and health insurance.

  • Across the Retire There website you’ll see links to other sources of information on the web. Why?  Because we have some of the answers, but not all of them. Again, we realize that moving for retirement is a big, important decision, and we think you deserve the opportunity to learn more from every reliable source we come across.