Senior Discounts – 10 Best Websites

Senior Discounts    10 Best WebsitesOne of the best things about retirement is access to all the great senior discounts. Some businesses clearly advertise their markdowns, while others keep them hidden. Here are 10 useful websites that can help you find those secret savings:


Yes the AARP magazine is nice, but the greatest benefit of membership may be the discounts. The organization has negotiated countless discounts on everything from food to airfare. Make sure to check out the “Today’s Deals” section for limited time offers from big brands.


Senior Discounts does a good job of organizing savings by category and location, and lets you sort results locally and nationally. It can be a bit difficult to navigate through all the ads, but if you spend the time you may find some great deals. If you don’t find any results at first, try changing your category or location.


There seems to be the same list of national discounts that gets posted on thousands of websites. Retired Brains does a nice job of presenting this list and seems to supplement it with some additional finds.

4. isn’t neccissarily retiree focused, but there are some great discounts listed on here for anyone who served in the armed forces (also sometimes for anyone who is married to/related to someone who served).

5. also isn’t only for seniors, but it does have some great cupons — especially for online retailers. Before you buy anything on the web we suggest checking this site first.


This page from Independent Traveler is a great resource for seniors looking to take a trip. The frequently updated list of discounts covers everything from hotel to transportation.

7. USA.Gov

This little page is useful for finding information about government discounts, including those offered by Amtrak and the National Park Service.


This list of discounts on this site is similar to the one found across the web. However, they do a good job of providing some additional information about each retailer.


Brad’s Deals offers another version of the common list found online. One advantage: if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page you can find a downloadable/printable PDF version.

10. Senior Discount Directory

This list isn’t quite as comprehensive as the others, but each link is verified by the moderator so it may be more reliable. If you find some of the others outdated, give it a try.

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