Retirement Advice: 5 Best Websites

Retirement Advice: 5 Best WebsitesThere’s no shortage of websites out there giving retirement advice, but sorting through them can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve picked five of our favorites plus a few extras.

General Information


This massive membership organization is known for its popular magazine and discounts, as well as for being one of the largest lobbying groups in the United States. It also has an excellent website, chock-full of information on topics like health, food and travel. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find some unexpected treats, including free streaming music, online games and even an affiliated dating site.

For general retirement information, also check out: Retirement Revised.

Financial Advice


As you grapple with the mind-numbing financial intricacies of retirement, Kiplinger can be an invaluable resource. The website provides advice on everything from IRAs to reverse mortgages in an authoritative but easy-to-understand manner. In particular it shines with tax advice, offering a state-by-state breakdown of income, property and sales taxes.

Smart Money

Smart Money, like Kiplinger, excels at providing accessible, well-researched financial advice on retirement. A major strength of the website is the “Tools” section, which has some well designed interactive resources to help you calculate how long your savings will last, when you should retire, and how you should diversify your portfolio.

For financial advice, also check out: CNN Money, Forbes and Yahoo! Finance.

Social Security & Government

Perhaps surprisingly, the best starting point for understanding Social Security and Medicare may actually be the official government website of the Social Security Administration. Beyond the expected online forms, the site tackles many frequently asked questions and provides tools for estimating your benefits. There are also free online webinars and useful videos hidden away on some of the sub-pages.

For more government resources also check out:,, and


Satisfying Retirement

There are lots of great retirement bloggers out there, but many of them post infrequently or focus on niche areas. On Satisfying Retirement, Bob Lowry does a good job of covering common issues for all retirees on a regular basis while still mixing in his personal interests. His posts are generally fun and informative, and he actively engages with his readers — taking time to respond to comments and writing about topics they suggest.

For more retirement blogs see this discussion on Bob’s site.

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