Arizona – Retirement Guide

Arizona   Retirement Guide

Top Retirement Cities in Arizona: 

Lake Havasu City Mesa | Prescott | Tucson

Arizona’s seemingly perpetual sunshine, warm temperatures, abundance of outdoor activities and relatively low cost of living have long served as a beacon for retirees looking to escape snow-filled winters. The state is gifted with typically dry, hot weather. Highs in the 100s can feel like the 80s thanks to the low humidity, making even extremely hot days bearable. Still, some retirees are equally enamored with the Arizona’s low cost of living.

The state boasts a cost of living rate that is nearly 5% lower than the national average, and a 2013 median home price of $155,255, a number which has been slowly on the rise since the 2007 – 2008 real estate downturn. Arizona is also remarkable for its high number of well-appointed retirement communities. Other factors that make an Arizona retirement an attractive option include the state’s top income tax rate of 4.54%, and special property tax protections for people over 65.

Practical matters aside, the state also offers active adults a wide range of outdoor activities, including world-class golfing, hiking, horseback riding and bird watching.

Pros: An array of outdoor activities, warm and sunny climate, low cost of living
Cons: Summer temperatures can be brutally hot in some regions

At a Glance:
Best For: Outdoors lovers
Population: 6,553,255
Cost of Living: 5% lower than national average
Median Home Cost: $155,200
Unemployment Rate: 7.9%
Top State Income Tax: 4.54%

Retirees passionate about culture will appreciate Arizona’s towns and cities, which serve residents with excellent cultural attractions like art galleries, museums, and orchestras.

Though Arizona will remain one of the nation’s most popular retirement destinations, it does have it’s downsides, including weather than can be brutally hot during the summer months.

Despite the average low cost of living across the state, those seeking to retire in Arizona should be aware that some well-heeled towns, like Sedona or Scottsdale, have much higher costs of living.

Top Retirement Cities in Arizona:  Lake Havasu City Mesa | Prescott | Tucson

Photo by RickC via Flickr. All statistics were up to date as of publication. See these sources for the most current data.