Georgia – Retirement Guide

Georgia   Retirement Guide

Top Retirement Cities in Georgia: 


Georgia’s temperate climate, tax breaks for retirees, abundant golf courses and influx of 55+ communities have made the state a welcoming haven for retirees in recent years. The state’s top income tax rate is a friendly 6%, but Social Security income is exempt, as well as up to $65,000 of most types of retirement income for those 65 and older. Residents 65 and older may also qualify for property tax deductions.

As a retirement destination, Georgia’s larger cities and smaller towns can satisfy the inclinations of many different retirees. Cities like Atlanta offer dining and cultural attractions, while smaller towns, like Athens, are suitable for retirees seeking a small-town, eclectic lifestyle or continuing education options.

Georgia’s coastal towns and islands are also attractive options for retirees seeking Southern charm. The state’s topography also varies — mountains, beaches, and lakes can be found throughout Georgia — and could play a role in determining where retirees choose to settle down.

Pros: Tax-friendly for retirees; diverse topography of mountains, lakes, beaches
Con: Humid and hot summers

At a Glance:
Best For: Warm weather
Population: 9,919,945
Cost of Living: 8% below national average
Median Home Cost: $112,900
Unemployment: 8.7%
Top State Income Tax: 6%

While Georgia does have warmer winters, summers can be hot and humid, and less attractive to some northerners. Additionally, retirees looking to settle in a 55+ community should be aware that many of these communities are located in very rural areas.

Top Retirement Cities in Georgia:  Athens

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