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Montana   Retirement Guide

Top Retirement Cities in Montana: 


It takes a certain kind of hearty, adventure-loving soul to retire in Montana — and we mean this in the best possible way — Montana has long held a special mystique for us at Retire There. The state endures some wicked winter weather, but what Big Sky Country lacks in mild conditions come January, it more than makes up for with its majestic, vast natural scenery, quirky, small towns, like Billings and Bozeman, and reasonable cost of living.

Retirees will discover 2 of the United States’s most majestic National Parks, Yellowstone and Glacier, are tucked into Montana’s extraordinary landscape. The state is home to towering, snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers and streams and windswept fields teeming with wildflowers.

Active, outdoor-loving retirees will have their day planners filled with activities: fishing, fly fishing, boating, horseback riding, hiking, bird watching, bicycling, camping and skiing are just some of the state’s most popular pursuits.

Pros: Spectacular natural landscape, an array of outdoor activities
Con: Cold, snowy winters

At a Glance
Best For: Outdoors lovers
Population: 998,199
Cost of Living: 4% higher than national average
Median Home Cost: $169,700
Unemployment: 5.6%
Top State Income Tax: 6.9%

Cost of living in Montana is slightly higher than the national average, but median housing prices are reasonable, at $169,700, and real estate in many smaller towns can be priced even lower. Additionally, there is no sales tax in Montana, however, the top income tax is 6.9%, and the state does tax Social Security income, and retirement income after a certain, small amount.

Retirees heading to Montana in their golden years best be cold weather lovers. The high altitude climate means that winters can be frigid and snowy, though summers – in particular, August – are typically mild and pleasant. Additionally, it’s important to be aware of how remote many parts of the state can seem. With a population of less than 1 million, large swaths of land remain undeveloped which can be both idyllic, and very remote.

Top Retirement Cities in Montana:  Bozeman

Photo by Valerie Conners. All rights reserved. All statistics were up to date as of publication. See these sources for the most current data.