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Oklahoma   Retirement Guide

Top Retirement Cities in Oklahoma: 


It might surprise people unfamiliar with Oklahoma that the state is one of the most topographically diverse in the nation; more than 10 different eco-regions lie within the state’s borders, including the Ozark and Wichita mountains, foothills, prairies and forests. The state also lays claim to more than 200 man-made lakes.

This natural diversity means retirees can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking, bicycling and bird-watching, to boating, kayaking and fishing. Oklahoma also lays claim to more than 50 Native American tribes in the nation — among the most in the nation, giving retirees a chance to explore the rich culture.

A number of universities are located throughout the state, most notably Oklahoma State and Oklahoma University, and residents are fervent fans of the schools’ basketball and football teams. Attending games is often a favorite pastime.

Retirees will benefit from Oklahoma’s low cost of living (14 percent below the national average), and tax incentives.

Pros: Diverse topography with a great number of outdoor activities
Con: The state lies in the path of “Tornado Alley”

At a Glance
Best For: Nature Lovers
Population: 3,791,508
Cost of Living: 14% lower than national average
Median Home Cost: $99,000
Unemployment: 6%
Top State Income Tax: 5.25%

There are no taxes on Social Security or Civil Service retirement benefits, and a number of tax exemptions for seniors.

The state’s median home price is less than $100,000, and a number of communities throughout the state may appeal to retirees. Popular Oklahoma retirement destinations include Bartlesville (home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s only hotel project), Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The large number of manmade lakes in the eastern part of the state, near towns such as Ardmore, have made this a popular region for retirees, as well.

While Oklahoma has a generally mild climate, it does like in a region known as “Tornado Alley,” and, yes, you guessed it, tornados often blast through parts of the state.

Top Retirement Cities in Oklahoma:  Stillwater

Photo by jonathanw100 via Flickr. All statistics were up to date as of publication. See these sources for the most current data.