Texas – Retirement Guide

Texas   Retirement Guide

Top Retirement Cities in Texas: 

Austin | Corpus Christi | San Antonio

When it comes to retirement destinations, you really can’t mess with Texas, as the saying goes. Retirees are attracted to Texas for plenty of reasons, chief among them, the state’s lack of state income tax.

Additionally, retirees will find plenty of small, friendly towns, pleasant weather, and a cost of living that’s 11 percent lower than the national average. Still, there’s a lot of money to be found in Texas, particularly in areas around Dallas and Houston, and the cost of living in some neighborhoods can skyrocket past the national average and housing prices can be steeper than the state’s average of $178,500.

While a number of retirement communities have crept up around the state, Texas is also noteworthy for its expansive suburban sprawl of so-called “McMansions.” These overwhelmingly large, cookie-cutter homes aren’t for everyone, nor is the cowboy culture that permeates much of the state. Still, there is much to be said for the spirit of the state; few places in America evoke such pride.

Pros: Low cost of living, no state income tax
Con: The state’s cowboy culture doesn’t appeal to everyone

At a Glance
Best For: Retirees on a Budget
Population: 26,059,203
Cost of Living: 11% percent lower than national average
Median Home Cost: $178,500
Unemployment: 6.2%
Top State Income Tax: No state income tax

Top Retirement Cities in Texas:  Austin | Corpus Christi | San Antonio

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