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Feb. 12, 2022

E 71 Retiring in Krakow, Poland

E 71 Retiring in Krakow, Poland

When Americans think about places to retire, few would consider Krakow, Poland. They might visit there for historic reasons, but not as a place to live full-time. Grace Nagiecka and Greg Spring would beg to differ! They fell in love with the place and moved to Krakow to retire. What is not to love about Krakow? It is a big, fun and cheerful city with a small city vibe, contains history around every corner, is full of greenery with great places to walk, an easy place to make friends, somewhere you will become cultured without knowing it, and if you get tired of the city - mountains are nearby. Find out what drew Grace and Greg to Krakow on Episode 71 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

Grace Nagiecka writes a blog called Why Poland?

Grace also has a blog about wanderlusting dreams, being a bohemian at 65 and planning for the expat life.

Greg Spring’s photography may be viewed here.