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Lovin’ Retire There

After listening to my first Retire There with Gil and Gene, I was hooked! Listening to this podcast is fun and provides real life details on destination decisions, cost of living and lifestyles. When a particular episode resonates with me, that information is invaluable. I have recommended this podcast to many friends. Please continue to produce Retire There! Warmly, Stacey

Really enjoy this podcast

I’ve only listened to 6 of the episodes and I am going to go through all of them I enjoy them so much. The hosts are not intrusive in their questions and let the guests speak freely. I like hearing about new places to retire, especially the international destinations. The only thing I would like more of is the housing costs, either rental amounts or purchase. Saying the cost of living is low is one thing but hearing what rents actually are is another. I found this podcast by accident but so glad I did. Good work

Vicarious travel!

Love this podcast. It really gives you an intimate look into different places and people’s experiences choosing where to retire. Very inspiring and the hosts are fun to listen to. Great show! Update: I’m still enjoying this and appreciate the excellent content every week. I live in Brooklyn too and am in the same stage of life as the hosts, so it is very relevant and I’m getting a lot of great ideas. Thank you Gil and Gene!


I love this couple and their perspective!! I’m a queens gal at heart currently in the burbs of Hudson valley. You e definitely given me something to think about! Love the friendly flowing and informative conversation!

Love the podcast!

Absolutely love the podcast and am gaining lots of valuable info. Would have given 5 stars but wish you would interrupt the guests less and let them talk without interjections! The program is about them and that’s why i listen. Otherwise terrific guests and interviews.

One of my FAVORITE podcasts!

My husband and I are in our upper 40’s and officially empty-nesters. We have been considering retiring overseas over the next several years. The podcast I always go for first when I’m heading out for a run? THIS ONE! This podcast is so well done and very relatable. It is full of amazing information for those considering moving abroad. Keep up the great work, guys!

Entertaining, informative, inspirational

I love this podcast!! Gil and Gene are so smart, sweet, and fun! I love the data/ information shared and easy conversational style. You guys ask the questions I want to ask! Thank you so much for the amazing podcast and sharing the journey with all of us!

Dreaming of Retirement!

This is a fun and informative podcast. I love the way Gil and Gene interact and interview their guests. They are doing such a good job it makes me want to visit all of these places! I enjoy the long format and the tangents. I find their conversational style enjoyable, and like I am in the room with them. Keep it up! You are doing a fabulous job with this podcast!

Great podcast!

So informative - and the low-key, curious, and thoughtful hosts being out fascinating insights from the diverse guests.

My favorite podcast

So much valuable information you simply can’t find anywhere else. The interviews cover a lot of topics and are extremely helpful for retirees, who are interested in relocating.

Excellent Content

I am a podcast enthusiast and have scoured the depths of Apple Podcasts for interesting content related to travel, financial literacy, philosophy, comedy, etc. Although I am not quite at retirement age or phase yet, this podcast has been such a nice addition to the queue. Gil and Gene are informed, funny, charming, naturally inquisitive, and they allow their guests the space to fully answer. This is really a travel podcast in retirement’s clothing. Keep up the great work! And I wonder where Gil and Gene will end up retiring to?

Real experiences, great resource

I just love this podcast because it is such a natural conversation between interesting people. You really get a sense of what it’s like to live in different places. I am learning quite a bit about what style of retirement I am interested in having and where. The overall theme is attitude, if you are positive- so will be your experiences. Research is important and this podcast is very helpful. I hope more retirees who have moved share their stories.

Just what I needed!!

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! I think about where to land after retirement all the time and this podcast is a great way to learn about different locations to consider. Keep it up!

Fun and informative!

I have learned so much from this podcast! Fun and informative whether you are about to retire or not. Asks the questions you may not have thought of. Can’t wait for the next episode😊.

Awesome fun podcast!

Love hearing all the places people decided to retire. I’ve been thinking for years on where I want to go, and you guys are really helping me go through the process! Here’s to the great years coming up

Fantastic podcast!

Great podcast, so much information and the hosts Gil a d Gene have an easy comfortable way of asking probing questions to get real answers without being abrasive. Thank you for delivering this delightful gem!

I listen to this particular podcast because I love traveling everywhere in the country. Although I originally had a destination for retirement in mind, listening to the various people in the podcast may change my mind. I have been in every state in the continental 48, but they find people who have been to corners that I have not seen. The hosts also are well versed in the area of their next guest. One guest was surprised at some of the questions thinking the host had actually been to the area. If you are thinking of retiring or even just traveling this might just be the podcast for you.

I really enjoy this podcast. The focus is on choosing locations for retirement, but the themes that emerge are universal. How do we approach the big transitions in life? What do we value? What are our dreams and how do we achieve them? When I tune into the podcast, I feel like a fly on the wall, listening to fun and wise friends pondering the big questions.

Great podcast!!

I love this show!! I haven’t been able to travel much his year, so hearing about these destinations really ignite my imagination! Highly recommended!

A must listen for future retirees!

Great to listen to all sorts of real people talk about their needs and wants as they move into the best phase of their lives. Gil and Gene entertainingly ask about very helpful and important topics such as land taxes, proximities to food, shopping, airports, and healthcare. Especially interesting for me, a NYC native and dweller, to listen to other NYC natives explore their possible future move. Regardless of where you come from, this is great retirement move research!

Retiring elsewhere

I Love Retiring There! Retiring health professions librarian in Brooklyn here. Retiring in 2021. Preparing to move toPanama by end of 2022.Am developing a series of podcasts about seeking international work/employment for women over sixty for “selfish reasons.” Would love to connect to discuss how you produced the podcasts.

Lots of practical information!

I am 6 years away from retiring and so glad I found this podcast! Lots of information you can’t find in U.S. World News or Money magazine. The hardest decision now is where to retire..

Fun and Informative

Gil and Gene are excellent hosts. They have brought to us interesting guests with varied perspectives on where to retire. As someone who is 5 years away from retiring and looking to get out of NYC I have found these talks helpful. Please find someone from Delaware this is high on my list. 👍🏻👍🏻

Retirement must-listen

Genial hosts, good guests, excellent information to help you decide where and what to look for in your retirement destination

Fun and informative

Loved listening to this podcast. Gil and Gene are funny and cute. They make you feel like an old friend while they interview really interesting people around the country on places to retire and how they got there. You’ll get insights to places to retire where you may not have ever considered!