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Oct. 8, 2022

E105 Retire in Boquete, Panama

E105 Retire in Boquete, Panama

Dream of living somewhere surrounded by beautiful scenery with temps that are never too high or too low? If so, seek out that perfect elevation in the stunning mountain town of Boquete, Panama where neither air conditioning nor heat is required. Correct, you can have a comfortable year-round climate and it’s AFFORDABLE! It is no wonder the place is full of expats. Hear what brought Jackie Lange to Boquete and what kept her there, on Episode 105 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

Jackie Lange’s company Panama Relocation Tours is available to help you along the way. 

Jackie's Travel Awaits article lays out 6 Reasons You Should Retire in Panama, Plus 4 Reasons Why You Might Mark Panama Off Your List.

Jackie’s company is on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/panamarelocationtours/

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange was born in Fort Worth, Texas. Her Dad was in the military, the family moved just about every year. She was raised all over the US, Germany and Puerto Rico. After she married, Jackie’s Dad convinced her husband to join the Air Force, so she started moving again.
Jackie shares that she hated high school though she graduated. She cut school almost every day. She read the books, took exams, scored all As and Bs, but was bored to death in the classroom. Since high school was so boring, she didn’t pursue college and is glad she never took that path.
Jackie worked in banking, then as a telephone operator for Southwestern Bell. After her kids were born, she became a stay at home mom. With little work experience and being out of the workforce for 12 years raising her family, employment was difficult to find. After doing much research, she decided to become a real estate investor (NOT an agent) - this would allow her to be home with the kids after school and on vacations. She created several unique methods for making a lot of money fast without buying houses or fixing them up. Many started asking her to teach them how to do creative real estate investing, which led her to running real estate seminars and writing a few books about real estate investing. In 2007, she created a portal to educate people online. Jackie recently retired from that business and turned it over to a good friend.
Thereafter, Jackie moved to Panama when her husband retired early. Real estate investor friends asked her why Panama and how to relocate there. She did a tour for a few friends. Then, their friends asked if she’d do a tour for them. She had no plans to move to Panama to start a tour business. But that's how her third business, Panama Relocation Tours, was born. To date, her company has completed 182 tours and enabled thousands of people to make smooth moves to Panama. She’s hired and trained others to do the tours so she can be semi-retired.
Jackie loves gardening - she says it's easy to grow anything in the rich volcanic soil in Boquete, Panama. Now that the pandemic is slowing down, she enjoys traveling as well.