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Oct. 29, 2022

E108 Retire in La Paz, Mexico

E108 Retire in La Paz, Mexico

Do you fantasize of having a home right on the beach? Oh, you don’t have millions to plop down on a seaside place in the States? Perhaps you should explore Mexican beach towns. Brighton and Kat West started living their dream after they purchased a beachfront home near La Paz, Mexico. For under $200,000!! Find out more about the couple’s Mexican oceanfront retreat on Episode 108 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

West’s popular Youtube channel Almost Retired in Mexico and his site  AlmostRetiredInMexico.com captures life in Mexico. 

Brighton’s virtual videographer company is Brighton West Video.


Brighton West

Brighton West was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He earned a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Wisconsin. I am so envious of that degree. Brighton has had a varied career. He spent 6 months in the landscape industry, 10 years as an IT guy, 10 years in the nonprofit tree planting world and for the last 8 years he has been working as a virtual videographer. He says being a virtual videographer offers him the opportunity to work from anywhere and have clients around the world. His company, Brighton West Video, provides invaluable advice on creating videos. Remarkably, he provides some of that advice for free on his Youtube Channel, Brighton West Video. His interests include pickleball and making YouTube videos. Brighton’s popular youtube channel on living in Mexico is called Almost Retired in Mexico. An easy way to get to the videos is by going to the website AlmostRetiredInMexico.com.

Kat West

Kat West was born and raised in the Florida Keys. She attended the University of Florida for her undergrad and thereafter Lewis & Clark Law School. For a significant part of her career, she was an EPA attorney chasing down polluters. Kat has also done sustainability and healthcare policy work. Currently she is an EPA consultant redeveloping contaminated properties. Kat is recognized as a leader in her field, an accomplished facilitator, collaborator and educator, and a popular presenter at conferences. She considers herself a sci-fi geek and enjoys gardening (the couple has a small urban farm in Portland), adventure traveling, playing the ukulele, Pickleball and key lime pie.