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Nov. 19, 2022

E111 Retire in Huatulco, Mexico

E111 Retire in Huatulco, Mexico

Do you long for an inexpensive oceanfront city? There aren’t many left in the States, so check out Huatulco, Mexico. The town is quaint, friendly, affordable, clean and a naturally beautiful place on the Pacific Ocean in southern Mexico. Cindy and Fred Ouellette settled in Huatulco four years ago. They love it, think it’s “almost heaven,” and say they live a great life on Social Security alone. Check out why the couple loves the lesser-known city of Huatulco on Episode 111 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

Cindy Charles Ouellette educates expats and wanna-be expats about living in Huatulco on her YouTube channel, Life in Huatulco.

Cindy offers video calls "Any pressing question?” on PalTap. Https://paltap.me/retireinmexico

And for questions about moving to Mexico? 30 minute chats $25 USD. Email her for an appointment at retireinmexiconow@gmail.com

Cindy’s “Retire in Mexico” Facebook page also contains helpful information about living in Mexico.

Cindy’s stunning photographs of Mexico may be purchased from Fine Art America.

Cindy Charles Ouellette

Cindy Charles Ouellette is originally from South Texas and has lived in Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia and Mexico. Her work life has been just as varied. Cindy has been an airline hostess and reservationist, merchandiser, English as a second language teacher and school owner, addiction recovery coach, photographer, YouTuber, and Expat to Mexico information provider. She also studied in Mental Health institutes in both Texas and West Virginia.
Falling in love with a man is what first brought Cindy to Mexico, but her love of the country is what keeps her there today. While an airline hostess, she dated a Mexican passenger. They were married, got pregnant on their honeymoon and had a boy. The family moved to a major industrial coastal town in southern Mexico. Cindy lived there for 21 years and by then she was divorced and her son joined the U.S. Navy. So, she left Mexico to be closer to him in the States. Cindy then met Fred Ouellette in Pennsylvania. They married and lived in a West Virginia mining area. Fred is an engineer from the Boston area, where he owned a company for 30 years.
Love is what brought Cindy back to Mexico, but this time it was her son’s love of a girl he had known while in high school in Mexico, to whom he married and settled in Huatulco, Mexico. Cindy and Fred were both sick of the cold weather, so Cindy convinced Fred to move there as well. That was 4 years ago. They love it, think it’s almost heaven, and say they live a great life on Social Security alone.
Cindy uses her YouTube channel, “Life in Huatulco,” to educate expats and wanna-be expats about living there. She also enjoys taking photographs of Mexico and sells them online.
Cindy and Fred both enjoy Roku church hopping, helping people start new lives in Mexico, promoting local businesses pro bono and volunteering.