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Jan. 28, 2023

E120 Retire in Barbados

E120 Retire in Barbados

Imagine being a highly specialized physician on the top of your game in your 40s. You are well respected by your patients but feel overworked and burnt out, can you retire? The answer probably depends on your financial situation. Regina Arvon was a Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetics physician in the San Francisco Bay area when she gave it all up to retire at the age of 47. How was she able to do it? Regina pursued a life of financial independence before discovering the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement. After retiring, Regina relocated to Barbados where she loves her new less-stressed life. She’s passionate about deep house music and says her life has gone from doc to disco. Listen to Regina’s inspiring story on Episode 120 of Retire There with Gil & Gene

Read how Regina Arvon retired early on her blog, Doc To Disco.

Regina’s AirBNB in Barbados is Avon Bleu Barbados.

Regina Arvon


Regina Arvon was born and raised in Amityville, Long Island, New York. She attended Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee and earned her medical degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the Nassau County Medical Center in Long Island, New York. She also did two fellowships: one in maternal-fetal medicine and the other in medical genetics and dysmorphology. Regina spent 13 years as a Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetics Director at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Basically, she performed procedures on moms and sometimes babies mostly for diagnostic purposes so that families could make decisions about pregnancy. She left that position at the age of 47 to retire, yes 47.
While Regina is no longer working as a physician, she is still very busy. She started a blog called Doc To Disco and works with her husband, Victor, in real estate ventures. They purchase, fix up and flip or rent out properties about every two years. Currently, they have one property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and one in Barbados. They plan to renovate the Florida property and turn the multi-units into short-term rentals. For many years they had multi-units in Pennsylvania, which they rented out to mostly grad students. Currently in Barbados, they turned a single one-family house into a 3-unit property - it has a fancy place on top, a 1 bedroom apartment on the bottom, and a 2 bedroom/2 bath exclusively for her and her family right across the street from the "platinum west coast'' on the Caribbean side of Barbados. She absolutely loves it. She says it ticked many of her boxes that she didn't even know it would tick until she had "boots on the ground” there. She says she has found her “people" and it really feels great!
Regina says she is everything F.I.R.E. (as in Financial Independence Retire Early) becoming part of that community 7 years ago.
She is a wanna-be DJ and absolutely loves Disco music, specifically "deep house". It’s NOT techno or this soda-pop dumbed down version of music one would hear in Vegas. Think more like Teddy Pendergrass, First Choice, Sylvester and everything you heard on the radio after midnight on WBLS in New York, or WBMX in Chicago. Regina also loves to travel.