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April 1, 2023

E129 Retire in Roatan, Honduras

E129 Retire in Roatan, Honduras
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Ted and Kathy Bergman, comedy writers in their 70s, felt they were being forced out of Northern California by the ever growing high cost of living. They researched beautiful, yet inexpensive, places to live and decided on Roatan, an island in Honduras 40 miles off the mainland. So enamored by the Island, the couple moved there  without ever visiting it. They love it so much they have remained for five years. Fondness for the locals and expats on the island supersedes their disdain for the bugs and bad roads. Find out more about retiring to Roatan on Episode 129 ofRetire There with Gil & Gene.

Ted Bergman is the author of 3 books: (1)The Real Roatan: Inside the Caribbean’s Laughing Island.: Two comedy writers retire to the Honduran island of Roatan. Here is the good, the bad, the beaches, the bugs and the funny; (2)The Billion Dollar Tallywhacker: When the Mar-A-Mansions, Super Yachts and Private Jets Aren’t Enough; and (3)Confessions of a Rogue TV Comedy Writer: Forty Years of Fame, Fun and Combat Inside The Writers Room.

For more information on Roatan, Ted recommendsRoatan Travel / Support Roatan Discussion Groupon Facebook.

Ted Bergman


Ted Bergman was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from UCLA and had a career in the entertainment industry. His producing and writing credits include The Munsters, Hollywood Squares, All in the Family, Sanford and Son, What's Happening, Gimme a Break, The Garry Shandling Show, Full House and way too many unsold pilots like, Who Needs Friends?! and The al-Qaida Comedy Hour.
He later became a wine tour guide in the California Napa-Sonoma wine country. Now living on Roatan, Ted spends his time writing books such as, Confessions of a Rogue TV Comedy Writer, The Real Roatan and his latest, The Billion Dollar Tallywhacker, all available on Amazon.
Kathy Bergman was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised there and in Phoenix, Arizona. She earned her undergrad from USC. Kathy was a television production assistant for such shows as Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda. She also wrote for comedies such as Gimme a Break and Rhoda. Later, she became a resident mosaic artist for the Healdsburg Art Gallery in Healdsburg, California.
Kathy’s hobbies are being mother to Jake, their Jack Russell Terrier, her two cats, Gary and Butch, and cleaning up after them.
The couple enjoy going to the beach, drinking Margaritas, Pina Coladas and scratching their bug bites.