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April 23, 2023

E132 Retire in Cape Coral, Florida

E132 Retire in Cape Coral, Florida
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Did you know Cape Coral, Florida has more canals than any other city in the world? Even more than Venice? Native Chicagoans Candy and Will Mattingly retired on one of the 400+ canal miles! With ample opportunity for recreational water activities and nature, the couple absolutely love their new home - while soaking up the warm weather and enjoying the tranquility of living on water. Join us on Episode 132 to hear Candy and Will share their exuberant story.

Candy Mattingly

Candy Mattingly is from Chicago, Illinois and worked as a police and fire dispatcher for Palos Heights and Palos Park for 3 years. She then worked for ISTHA as a tele-communicator for 16 years, managing tollways in Illinois. After leaving ISTHA, she became a Cook County Deputy Sheriff and worked there for over 20 years. She also worked part-time for the Tollway for an additional 4 years before transitioning to working security sites for Will’s company. She eventually moved on to handling payroll and billing for the police division.
The couple married in 1984 and lived in Illinois until the fall of 2021 when they moved to Cape Coral. They left during Covid with no plans to return to any kind of work - Candy says it kind of gave them an excuse to retire for good.
Candy and Will recently purchased a newly constructed home situated on intersecting canals, complete with a pool. Their favorite pastimes include indulging in lazy mornings, exploring new dining options, traveling to new places, and relaxing at their Tiki Bar next to the pool. They lost one of their two dogs last February, and are taking the remaining dog for long walks every day. Candy is also passionate about cooking and grilling.

Will Mattingly

Will Mattingly is originally from Orland Park, Illinois and lived there until he was 66 years old. He began his career as a locomotive engineer before transitioning to law enforcement. Will served as a police officer for Palos Park, Illinois before eventually overseeing the police division for a security company where he rose to the position of Vice President. This security organization was successful in providing services to many Fortune 500 companies in the Chicago area.