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May 6, 2023

E134 Retire in Indialantic, Florida

E134 Retire in Indialantic, Florida
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When Jen and Dave Hardy, residents of the Nashville area, encountered health issues and decided to retire early, they embarked on a thorough search for their ideal place to spend the rest of their lives. After exploring various options, they found Indialantic, a charming small town situated on a barrier island along Florida's Space Coast. They knew their search had come to an end. Join us on Episode 134 to hear about Jen and Dave's blissful life in their own island paradise.

Jen Hardy’s podcasts are: (1)Fabulous Over Fiftyand (2)Medical Gaslighting.

Jen also sends out aDaily Video Emailfor women over 50 feeling lonely, isolated or sad.

Jen’s website isJenHardy.net.

Jen Hardy’s books include: (1)Path to Happiness - The 5-year journal that guides you to finding your joy; (2)How to Live Well with Chronic Illness - The Journal For Moms; (3)The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again - If I can do it, you can too!and (4)5-Year Daily Plan For Success Business Journal - Dominate the compensation by setting monthly goals, tracking progress, and innovating for success.


Dave Hardy

Dave Hardy lived in over a dozen states by the time he was 10! His mom enjoyed moving, and he continued that trend when he joined the Army at 19. Dave worked in IT, and loves all things tech. Dave retired from the Army National Guard in 2015, and semi-retired a few times until retiring permanently in 2022. His love of living in new places has been quenched by the idyllic town he now calls home and he is happy to say that this was the last move he’ll ever make. Dave loves spending time with his family, fishing, and is an avid gamer. He is currently working on earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems. He and Jen are still amazed every day that they’re able to live on an island paradise, 3 blocks from the beach.

Jen Hardy

Jen Hardy was raised in Orange County, California and grew up going to the beach every weekend. She moved to Franklin, TN (Nashville area) and spent 20 years there where she met her amazing husband Dave. They flew to Florida to spend a week at the beach for their tenth anniversary, and decided on the plane ride home that beach life was in their future. Less than a year later, they’d relocated to Indialantic, a town on a small island on the Space Coast in Florida. They love it because they can spend their days enjoying the ocean, swimming with manatees and dolphins, and watching rocket launches from their front yard. Their younger children spend the summers going to surf school every day. It is truly paradise!
Jen’s hobbies are reading, playing board games, and spending time at the beach. She's been a homeschooling mom for the past 23 years, with 8 left to go! She also has 2 podcasts, “Fabulous Over Fifty” and “Medical Gaslighting,” and has published four books in her “spare” time. In 2022 she started her own business, Hardy Mom, LLC, and her newest project is “Jen’s Friends,” a daily video email for women that offers encouragement and inspiration.