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May 27, 2023

E137 Retire in Accra, Ghana

E137 Retire in Accra, Ghana
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Join us for an exciting adventure as Retire There ventures into uncharted territory! We had the pleasure of hosting Mary Oluonye, a remarkable dual-citizen of the United States and Nigeria. Mary's decision to retire early and pursue a life she had always envisioned has led her to combine her love for business with her research and writing talents, both in the US and Africa.

Mary's true passion lies in listening to individuals share their aspirations, providing them with valuable insights to help them navigate their own journeys towards realizing their dreams and goals. According to Mary, nothing brings her more joy than introducing you to the wonders Africa has to offer – its captivating landscapes, diverse people, and rich cultures. She also candidly explores both the rewarding experiences and the challenges that come with living in an African country.

Tune in to witness Mary's contagious enthusiasm as she shares her captivating stories and experiences about her new life on Episode 137. 

Mary published in 2018:Moving to Ghana: The Essential Things You Need to Know;

Mary is Co-Owner ofCelmar Travel & Tours: Africa Travel Planning & Tour Operator based in the USA and Ghana;

Check out Mary’s webpage and blog athttps://maryoluonye.com/blog/; and for

Mary’s articles and tips:https://maryoluonye.medium.com/.