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Feb. 6, 2021

E18 Retiring in Cary-Apex, North Carolina

E18 Retiring in Cary-Apex, North Carolina

After working in Washington, DC, for the federal government for 30 years, Herb Walker decided to retire elsewhere. He wanted a place with a small town feel, near a city, and within a several hours drive to his mother in DC. Although he had hesitations about moving to the South, Herb ended up landing on the border of Cary and Apex, North Carolina. After arriving, Herb soon learned that his new neighborhood offered friendly people, plenty of outdoor activities, and affordable housing. He should have known better, as CARY is known as the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees, and the Apex town motto is The Peak of Good Living. With Herb’s vibrant personality, one would be surprised that he worried whether he would make friends in this new town. On this episode of Retire There with Gil and Gene, listen to Herb as he takes us through his thoughtful, inspirational, and unconventional decision to move to Cary-Apex, North Carolina. 

For prospective retirees, Herb recommends reading - in advance - How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won't Get from Your Financial Advisor, by Ernie J. Zelinsky, which offers inspirational advice on how to enjoy life to its fullest.

Our favorite Herb-quote is “Life begins at 50, so when you are 60, you’re 10 years old!” Whatever you were doing at 10 is what you should be doing now! 

Lesson learned? Many, but one of the most memorable that Herb notes is don’t retire and relocate simultaneously, those are two very distinct actions - when taken together can be overwhelming.