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Feb. 27, 2021

E21 Retiring in San Jose, Costa Rica

E21 Retiring in San Jose, Costa Rica

Rob and Jeni Evans happily retired early but faced a dilemma - their jobs did not pay for health insurance after retirement and they were too young to qualify for Medicare. Health insurance would have cost the couple $24,000 per year. As a solution, they decided to rid their 30+ years of possessions and move to another country. They whittled down everything they owned to 10 suitcases and relocated to Costa Rica. The Evanses analogize Costa Rica to Disneyland and they have no regrets! Rob contends there are three stages of retirement: (1) Go-Go, when you’re in your 60s; Slow-Go is the 70s; and No-Go? You guessed it, you’re now in your 80s and beyond. Something tells us the Evans will never slow down! On episode 21 of Retire There with Gil and Gene, Rob and Jeni share everything you would want to know and more from their exciting journey to Costa Rica! 

Read about Rob as The Bus Ninja of Costa Rica in this 2017 article: The Bus Ninja of Costa Rica - Costa Rica Star News

Rob’s popular Costa Rica by Bus Facebook page is available at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CostaRicaByBus/

Rob has written a number of articles on retiring in Costa Rica, including Our Costa Rica Cost of Living. https://retireforlessincostarica.com/our-costa-rica-cost-of-living-by-rob-evans/

For residency information, contact ARCR at http://www.arcr.net/ and Outlier Legal Services at https://outlierlegal.com/ 

Recommended Reading by Jeni:

Happier Than A Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica and Living the Zero Hour Work Week by Nadine Hays Pisani. She tells wonderfully hilarious stories about moving to Costa Rica. She has also written sequels, some with practical information worth exploring. https://www.amazon.com/Happier-Than-Billionaire-Quitting-Moving/dp/1463536100/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=happier+than+a+billionaire&qid=1614458569&s=books&sr=1-1 

 Costa Rica Chica: Retiring Early, Simplifying my Life, & Realizing that Less is Best by Jen Beck Seymour. Seymour documents how they chose to move to CR, how they adapted, and what they learned about living there. Jeni noted, “One thing we only touched on in our (podcast Retire There with Gil and Gene) conversation that she covers in this book is what to do about all those photos you have. She also has a cookbook that covers food shopping and adapting her recipes to what is readily available.”  https://www.amazon.com/Costa-Rica-Chica-simplifying-realizing/dp/1502771012/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=costa+rica+chica&qid=1614458613&s=books&sr=1-2 

 Costa Rica Curious: Redefining the American Dream by Greg Seymour  https://www.amazon.com/Costa-Rica-Curious-Redefining-American/dp/1539355357/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=costa+rica+curious&qid=16144583