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March 21, 2021

E24 Retiring in Medellin, Colombia

E24 Retiring in Medellin, Colombia

Steve and Paulette Tuggle liked the idea of retiring in Latin America, but they weren't sure where. They decided to use the “try it, if you don’t absolutely love it, move on'' technique.  Consequently, during a 5 year span, they lived in Honduras, Panama and Ecuador, before falling in love with Colombia. The Tuggles believe retiring comfortably on social security is possible if you retire outside of the USA. Find out more about the Tuggle’s journey to Medellin, Colombia, on episode 24 of Retire There with Gilen and Gene.

To read Steve’s article about retiring in Medellin, visit: Retired in Medellin, Colombia  https://medium.com/@stevetug52/retired-in-medellin-colombia-c1479a583111

For Steve’s website, Retire Outside the USA, go to: https://retireoutsideusa.com/

Check out Grace Church, the English speaking Christian church, in Medellin: https://gracechurchmedellin.com/

These are some of Steve’s YouTube videos: