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July 3, 2021

E39 Retiring in Wilmington, Delaware

E39 Retiring in Wilmington, Delaware

How about living within 3 hours of New York City, at affordable housing rates, low taxes, a variety of outdoor activities, and a relaxing lifestyle? Brian and KJune Harris were looking for all of that and they found Wilmington, Delaware.

Brian still works in New York City, but he and KJune also have some side hustles. Aside from his day job, Brian, also known as DJ Rivs plays music of all genres.

Their contact information is at follows:

DJ Rivs for parties and other events, email unlimitedsounds@live.com

For K’June’s Gift Baskets, email: basketcases@live.com or visit kbi_basketcases on Instagram

Lawfully Yours, email unlimitedsounds@live.com 

K&B Investors, email kbinvestors@live.com