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July 24, 2021

E42 Retiring in Sicily, Italy (Taormina)

E42 Retiring in Sicily, Italy (Taormina)

In preparation to retire in Sicily, Italy, Barbara Palermo and Ken Hill gained Italian citizenship, tracked down long-lost relatives, purchased and renovated an old farmhouse, opened a bed and breakfast, and moved during the COVID 19 pandemic. They did not, however, find “Sicilian” pizza in Sicily. In fact, “Sicilian” pizza does not exist in Sicily. Find out more about Ken and Barbara’s inspiring journey to retire in Sicily, on Episode 42 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

The couple’s B&B, located in the countryside near Taormina, is called Arches of Alcantara: A SIcilian Farm Stay - Hosted by American Expats with Italian Citizenship.  A video of the stunning property is available here.  To book a stay, please go to the B&B’s website.

Barbara’s book about their journey is titled Over the Sicilian Moon: The story of an American couple who achieved Italian citizenship, retired in Sicily and opened a BnB.

In 2022, Barbara released her book 
Retired in Sicily: A follow-up to "Over the Sicilian Moon."