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Oct. 30, 2021

E56 Retiring in Valencia, Spain

E56 Retiring in Valencia, Spain

Would you like to retire to a place with a great combination of food and history? How about Valencia, a comfortable city on Spain’s Mediterranean Coast? Valencia is, after all, the birthplace of paella. While it was politics, in part, which caused Janet Christian and Eric Marsh to leave the United States, it was food and opera which drew them to Valencia. Find out more about what led this Texas couple to Valencia, on Episode 56 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.  

Janet Christian is a contributing writer to Medium.com. She writes about moving to, and living in, Spain. Check out her articles here.

Janet also published three novels, two private investigator mysteries and one magical realism:

       1. Double Trouble: The Case of a Cold Trail and a Hot Musket (Marianna Morgan, Private Investigator Book1);
Udder Confusion: The Case of Choreographed Cows and Alien Abductions (Marianna Morgan, Private Investigator Book 2);  and