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March 5, 2022

E74 Retire in New Castle, Delaware

E74 Retire in New Castle, Delaware

You live in a pricey northeast city which you find is becoming more expensive to live in, what should you do? Barbara Winard and Martin Kozlowski felt that way about Jersey City, New Jersey but they had to figure out where to go. They landed in New Castle, Delaware which checked off many boxes on their list of wants but also gave them, what Martin described as, a tingle. New Castle, a place which made HGTV’s list of 2021 Most Charming Towns in America, has lower real estate taxes and less expensive housing than Jersey City. Learn more about New Castle, on Episode 74 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

Barbara’s article about moving to Delaware, in TravelAwaits.com, is Six Months In: What I Learned After Retiring To A New State. A list of Barbara’s other articles is available here.

Martin’s artwork may be found here:

And some if his work is included here: www.inxart.com





Barbara Winard

Barbara Winard was born and raised in Hillside, NJ. She received a bachelor’s in English literature and a masters in journalism, both from Boston University. When she was 55 she went back to school and earned a masters in gerontology from the University of Southern California. She’s always been interested in writing and the elderly. And now she’s one of them! Says Barbara —which mostly amuses and inspires her. She seems to be involved in the over 60 female travel cohort online. It’s a group that is growing quickly, inspired by dreams of bucket list travels after Covid, she adds.
Barbara was laid off from her 25+ year-job when she was 71---as senior editor for two online encyclopedias at Scholastic. Her fields as a writer and editor with the encyclopedia included fine and performing arts, literature, media, anthropology, archeology, and religion. She was previously a filmmaker and worked at WNET/13 public television in New York City. Her job was seasonal, and she traveled on down times—mostly alone and to Asia, Europe, and North and South America. When she returned from India one year, she called from a phone booth across from the Asia Society in New York and asked if they had work. They connected her with the head of the education department, who said that he’d like to talk to her about doing films for American children about Asian culture, and she told him that she was across the street. She ended up working for them, traveling for work in Asia, and running their film program.

She has also freelanced as a film producer/writer, working on films in and about Morocco, Indonesia, Lebanon, and other countries, performed adjunct work at several colleges when raising her children and worked at Grolier as a multimedia writer/producer, which eventually became Scholastic. After she was laid off 2.5 years ago, she started writing about her 50 years of travel—after never having written anything about herself her entire career. What an impressive career!

Martin Kozlowski

Martin Kozlowski was born in Queens, N.Y. and grew up in Elmont, Long Island. Martin graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City. Since 1980 he has chronicled the social and political scenes in a wide range of publications including Advertising Age, Barron’s, the National Law Journal, the New York Times, Newsday, and the Wall Street Journal. His comic strips have appeared in the Hartford Courant, the New York Sun, the Earth Times, Fortune, Contently.com and the Daily Star in Beirut, Lebanon.
He directs art and contributes to the weekly editorial illustration service inxart.com. He publishes and edits the satirical e-zine site nowwhatmedia.com. Martin designed print material for a dozen years at his own firm in Union Square, NYC and has worked as an art director at the New York Times, most notably on The Op-ed page.
His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions, including shows in New York, Paris, Warsaw, and other cities, and he has lectured at several colleges. In 2020 he taught a class entitled Battle Lines Drawn: Creating Political Action Comics at New Jersey City University.
Martin continues to work and will probably never retire, according to Barbara. His interests include classic film and film noir, classic comic books, and always art.