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March 26, 2022

E77 Retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand

E77 Retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We all expect to be respected at every age, especially when we retire, perhaps even revered. We also wish to spend less, but not compromise on healthcare, culture, traveling, our accommodations and safety. If you’re a single woman/man/person, safety may be on or near the top of your checklist. Deborah Tobin, teacher and travel journalist, found all of the above and more. She even bought a condo, gutted and renovated it, all for under $70,000 USD! Oh, and that pool … and over 100 temples …yummy street food, Parisian coffee and dessert, and dinner for less than 5 bucks! Learn more about the friendly, beautiful, peaceful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand on Episode 77 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.   

Follow Deborah Tobin’s YouTube Channel Mobile Dispatches, where she’ll teach you everything from retiring in Thailand, how to apply for a retirement visa in Thailand, how to buy a condo there, and so much more! 


Deborah Tobin

Deborah Tobin was born and raised on the Canadian East Coast. She attended the University in Nova Scotia. She’s a teacher/school leader and has worked in Canada, China, Malaysia, Oman, Angola, Malawi and Sudan. She went back to school a few years ago to study multimedia journalism and is now a freelance journalist. She very recently finished her last school job. Her interests and hobbies include reading, hiking, swimming, video/audio production, and writing.