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April 16, 2022

E80 Retire Early Everywhere

E80 Retire Early Everywhere

You are fortunate to be part of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement and retire in your 40’s, but the American health insurance available is either inadequate or prohibitively expensive. What do you do? Tim and Amy Rutherford decided to sell their home and the vast majority of their belongings to live as global nomads in the U.S. and around the world. They accomplish this by travel-hacking and spending part of their time living rent-free as house-sitters and part-time renting on a short term basis. Find out more about this resourceful and enterprising couple on Episode 80 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

TIm and Amy Rutherford’s YouTube channel is GoWithLess.

Their Facebook page is here.

Tim Rutherford

Tim Rutherford was born and raised in Kilgore, Texas. He attended Texas A&M for undergrad, and University of Denver for grad school. He sold and supported telecommunications infrastructure, working for telecommunications equipment manufacturers like Nortel and 3Com. Tim also retired in his 40s.
As to his interests, he spends hours a day following news about points and miles. The couple has nearly 30 active credit cards. He’s also an avid fan of all technology - phones, cameras, computers, gadgets, etc. Tim has 3 children from a previous marriage and they’re all in their 20s.

Amy Rutherford

Amy Rutherford was born and raised in East Brunswick, NJ. She attended Boston University and thereafter worked in business-to-business sales and then while living in New York City, she was employed by news organizations, including The Associated Press and Dow Jones. In 2001, Amy moved to the Denver area and retired from advertising sales at the age of 46. Now, she and her husband Tim publish a YouTube channel about early retirement, house sitting and travel hacking. Her interests include the performing arts, film, food, and travel. Amy says she’s “a natural Yenta and matches people with like-minded friends all over the world. The goal of our Facebook group is getting people to meet in person, and it's working!”