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July 2, 2022

E91 Retire in Umbria, Italy

E91 Retire in Umbria, Italy

What would you do if your other half dreams of living in Europe but the thought hadn’t even occurred to you? This happened to Nancy Hampton! Instead of dismissing the idea, she broadened her mind and ended up loving life in Europe. First in Germany, where her husband Luther found a job, and thereafter in Italy where the couple retired. They stumbled upon the 16,000 resident city of Umbertide in Umbria. Umbria was chosen for its beauty, reasonable cost of living and great location close to transportation hubs. Find out more about living in the charming region of Umbria, on Episode 91 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

Nancy blogs at Nancy Goes to Italy: A record of an American's dream to live in Umbria. The blog shares great insight into living in Umbria, photographs and recipes. 

Nancy’s article in Dispatch Europe is Want to live in Italy? Small-town Umbria is an affordable, beautiful option.

Information about Nancy and Luther’s apartment for sale, in Umbertide, Umbria, Italy, may be found here.


Nancy Hampton

Nancy Hampton was born in Lynchburg VA and grew up in Maryland. She lived most of her life in the DC suburbs except for short stints in Ohio and Philadelphia. Nancy and Luther lived just south of Frankfurt Germany for six years which gave them a taste for living outside the US. She worked as a graphic Artist and Web Designer and retired in 2013. The couple moved to Italy in 2014. Nancy likes to cook, mostly ethnic dishes because she misses it, after having lived in DC, home of every embassy in the world and consequently all their foods. She says Italians (as a whole) are not terribly curious about things outside their region to include new cuisines. We like eating in new restaurants and visiting wineries. In addition to cooking, her interests include writing her journal and helping people with any questions about Italian life; she’s a basketmaker and enjoys reading and gardening.
Luther Hampton was born in Ohio and grew up all over because he was from a military family. He is an Electrical Engineer by degree but morphed into an IT guy and has a masters from University of Maryland. He is a self taught wine expert. He is very interested in Languages and is fluent in German and Italian, that must come in handy and he loves to travel.