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July 16, 2022

E93 Retire in Porto, Portugal

E93 Retire in Porto, Portugal

Linda Correll had traveled around the world, but when it came to selecting a place to retire she narrowed it down to two countries: Spain and Portugal. Its more liberal visa and resident requirements gave Portugal the edge. Of the many wonderful cities available, Linda chose Porto for its cool weather and myriad of activities. Check out the more-popular-than-ever city of Porto, Portugal on Episode 93 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

For more of Linda’s story, read She Left The Country She Knew and Created Unfamiliar Lifestyles in Unfamiliar Places from the blog, She has not finished yet!  Note - this article was written when Linda lived in Spain, prior to her move to Portugal.


Linda Correll

Linda Correll was born in Cleveland Ohio, raised in the suburbs of Cleveland. she attended Purdue University and has held many different jobs, including a position as a police officer, and her last job in the states was as a realtor and property manager. In the last 8 years she’s been living in various countries, including Peru, Columbia and South Korea, teaching English in local schools and she now continues to teach English online part-time. Her interests are travel, photography, hiking, exploring new places/cultures/cuisines, reading, seeing friends, walking and trying new restaurants.