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Matt Walker

Matt Walker grew up on Long Island and Zeneba Bowers grew up in rural Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia. Matt earned a Bachelor of Music from Florida State University, and Zeneba attended the Eastman School of Music for her bachelors, masters in music. They were both musicians with the Nashville Symphony and in Nashville's music recording industry for 20 years. They also founded a chamber group, ALIAS Chamber Ensemble, in which they produced four CDs of modern American classical music, including one that received a Grammy nomination. Previously Zeneba was a concertmaster at the New World Symphony in Miami Beach; and Matt played full-time in the symphonies of Jacksonville and Charleston; he also played and sang in a blues/folk band in Charleston. In 2014, they had amassed an expertise which they codified into four award-winning guidebooks, and they established their business Little Roads Europe, making itineraries for travelers who want to get off the beaten track in Italy and Ireland. Their very beautiful and informative website is LittleRoadsEurope.com. They also wrote, “I Can’t Believe We Live Here,” a book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle. I’d like to add, for amazing photos of their travels and everyday living, check out their instagram site “littleroadseurope.” The couple is still working and we’ll let them tell you about that. In their spare time, they enjoy their interests in reading (history, science, sci-fi, among other things), cooking, traveling (of course!), spending time with friends and making new ones, playing music for fun as well as for work, and taking care of three selfish cats.

E135 Retire in Soriano nel Cimino, Italy
May 13, 2023

E135 Retire in Soriano nel Cimino, Italy

Nashville residents Zeneba (Zen) Bowers and Matt Walker, symphony musicians, quit their jobs, sold their home, unloaded their possessions, and moved to Italy. All in 6 weeks. Whew! One would expect sophisticated urbanites, wh...

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