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Bradley Roberts

Bradley Roberts relocated from San Francisco, California to Lincoln, Kansas, the heartland of America aka middle America! I checked on google earth and it is in fact in the middle of America. According to lincolnks.com, Lincoln is located at the intersection of Highways K-14 and K-18, originally named Lincoln Center and known as the post rock capital of Kansas. Post rock is also known as fencepost limestone. This beautiful community is situated on rolling hills overlooking the Saline River and boasts beautiful post rock buildings throughout its downtown area including the county courthouse which was built in 1900 out of local limestone. One of the major local industries continues to be quarrying quartzite. According to the 2020 census, there were 1209 people in Lincoln.
We found this story fascinating. Bradley was like many people in the Bay Area: savvy, successful and overwhelmed in housing expenses. In his interview with The Hustle, when he purchased his San Francisco house about 15 years ago, he went $300,000 over his budget. Rent at his last place was about $4000/month. In Lincoln, Bradley bought a converted barn home in the middle of town and paid $22,000!!! His annual housing costs in Lincoln are about the same as what his monthly costs were in San Francisco. Bradley said when he moved to Kansas, “Holy shit, they’re giving stuff away.” Yes, there is free land for the asking. And apparently, price-conscious urbanites have been drawn to places they never thought they could live. The article continues to state, after a year of soaring real estate prices in every city and suburb, long-depressed and depopulated Kansas is going through a lower-key real estate boom of its own.
There is free land in Lincoln, Kansas. The city is investing ambitiously in the future with free-land offers in a completely new subdivision located near a baseball field, the city park and the new junior-senior high school and athletic facilities. It is an easy walk to the industrial park and medical complex, and not far from either downtown or the golf course. Lincoln's traditions date back to the 1870's, but its focus is on the future.
Bradley was born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in Shawnee, a suburb of Kansas City. He attended Kansas State University. He owned a floral business for 20 years in San Francisco, and then shifted to construction work and has his own company now. He hasn’t retired yet, but works when he wants. His interests include antiquing, cycling, home remodeling, and hanging with his dog and cat.

E96 Retire in Lincoln, Kansas
Aug. 6, 2022

E96 Retire in Lincoln, Kansas

What would it take for you to retire in a small rural town? How about free land? Lincoln, Kansas is giving away free build-ready plots of land in an effort to get people there. Bradley Roberts relocated to Lincoln from …

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